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CampusPerks 101

CampusPerks is an online student community that helps students make the best of their campus experience. We do this by recognizing students for the game-changing people that they are and rewarding them with things they need, like scholarships, national exposure and recognition, organization sponsorship, and memorable University experiences.
CampusPerks works with top Canadian brands and not-for-profit organizations to help fund and amplify student initiatives. By participating in challenges and sponsored opportunities, students in our community are able to receive the resources they need to grow their own initiatives and better their campus life.
We recognize awesome students for doing what they do best—making their campus an amazing place.

Are you planning a conference or playing a varsity sport? Part of a club or in a band? Growing a moustache or shaving your head for charity?

The list goes on - If you're contributing to your campus community, we want to help you out.

Profile and Account Settings

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Check out our challenges page and see what tickles your fancy!
You should receive an email from CampusPerks.ca within 5 minutes of signing up. Click the link in that mail to confirm your account.

If you signed up with Facebook Connect make sure to check the inbox of the email account linked to your Facebook account.

If you don't see a confirmation email in your inbox, check your spam/junk folder. If you find it there, please move it back to your inbox to help us protect our email reputation. On most email services you can do that by clicking a button that says something like "this is not spam".

If you still can't find the confirmation email, go here to resend it. And if you're still stuck just email us and we'll get you unstuck.
If you get any errors, email us the 3 lines of text that appear near the bottom of the error page. This gives us the info we need to understand and fix the error. Please do this as soon as you can after you've received the error message.

Some pages on the site may appear garbled or non-functional if your web browser is out of date. We support the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Community Achievement Awards

Check your inbox for a nomination e-mail from CampusPerks. To start filling out your profile, click the link included in this e-mail.

Once you click the link, you will need to sign up if you are new to CampusPerks. Don't forget to confirm your account!

If the link we sent you doesn't work, it's most likely because the email address you used to log into CampusPerks.ca doesn't match the one that was used to nominate you. If you nominated yourself, please log in using the same email address as the one in the nomination. If you were nominated by someone else and you aren't sure which email address they used, send an email to awards@campusperks.ca and we'll sort you out.
To add a picture or video to your profile, click the "Choose File" button just before you hit Submit on your profile submission page.

Remember to make sure your photo or video has finished uploading before hitting Submit. It helps to do your upload over a reliable and fast internet connection.

If you hit Submit and find yourself looking at a blank page it may because the file you were trying to upload was too big. Try compressing it or uploading a different file.

Lastly, some people have had trouble uploading because their web browser is out of date. We support the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.
If your profile is still pending approval and you feel like you really need to edit it then please email awards@campusperks.ca immediately. After your profile has been approved you cannot make further edits.


The Support function is a way for friends, peers, parents, and professors to validate a challenge participant's nomination. When a challenge participant receives Support, it shows us that their community "supports" their nomination.
You can only Support one challenge participant once during the Support Period. This way, it's not about who receives the "most votes", it's about collecting enough social proof to demonstrate that each nominee is authentic and truly worthy of public recognition.
Peers, faculty, administration, and even your ma' n' pa'.
Just head over to their profile page and click the green button that reads "Support". If you are not signed in, you will be asked in Sign In or Sign Up for CampusPerks. Once you have done that, you will be re-directed back to your friend's profile page and they will be automatically supported.